Hello Lorna 💖 where have you been?

Firstly, I am proud of you. Yes you, that girl over there who’s been through a hell of a ride in 2018 and is now searching for her happiness. You are battling some damn stuff right now or have done for so long and you’re still here and damn my heart is so full of belief that I know your happiness is right around the corner. You are fucking amazing and I am so damn proud of you.

Secondly, I am so damn proud of me!! Yes little old me who would never give any praise to herself, take the brunt, plod along and always wish things would get better but never dare to take the plunge. But I have done some amazing difficult things recently and I think I’m finding my inner Lorna again.

I’m feeling so empowered this 2019 and I have no idea where all these amazing feelings have come from. It’s been a long time coming and I am so ready for it.

Hello Lorna 💖 where have you been?!

It’s been a tough year, so it seems, and it’s so easy to just plod on with life when things aren’t ever going right and you feel things will never get better and you get stuck in situations you can’t get out of, for whatever reason. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a very long time and my head’s been a complete mess but, things are on the up.

I am so damn happy since leaving a job I downright hated, realising what I want and how to get it, letting go of toxic people and cherishing those close to me and finally realising I am worth it. Because I fucking am and I’m so damn proud of me, but not just me, you too!!!

Don’t you just love the support you can receive when you start to glow? I posted a few Instagram pictures recently – I’d never usually have the confidence to post such things, but something is burning brightly inside of me, so I did it, and the comments fill my heart with so much love….

Like! These women are beautiful hot ladies who have been through so much and are just here lifting me up yknow?! And they don’t know, but I love them for it. These aren’t even my closest best friends either, these are people I know locally and are just so damn lovely and here they are bigging me up (like, why me??!!), saying such crazy amazing things, when in my head these are the things I think about them every day I see them or when I see them online.

My best friend and my sister from another mister has been through a tough breakup and she has been constantly hit at every hurdle, but she is absolutely killing it!! She’s lost weight, she’s happier, she’s sorting her shit and she is finally realising her worth and I can see the confidence and happiness in that smile and that’s the friend I know, and it’s the most beautiful and heart-filling thing. I’m so proud of her.

I love the fact women are raising eachother up, not to bang my feminist drum, but what could be a really tough time for me, through these comments, amazing support from my friends, a great job and company, I’m actually flying. Inside I feel so different, it’s like a confidence has lit inside of me and I can feel my happiness beam out of me.

It’s been lost for a long time I think, and I was talking to a friend yesterday about what’s been happening and we had the most amazing catch-up and it was just beautiful and just perfect listening to eachother and hearing how far we’d come and our plans and how things just seem to be damn working out, especially since a few months ago we were both on the brink of giving up, or had given up, alternately. It’s a crazy ride this life isn’t it?

You are damn amazing! Yes you! I can’t believe it. This is why I kept plodding along, this is why I fought to rise through the flames and take the difficult steps. Because I’m damn worthy of happiness and I know it’s out there. It’s my time to grab it and it’s your time too.

Whatever happens, you can do this. Whatever is happening in your life, you have got this and things are going to be amazing. Sure, you’ll have your down days and down moments as mental health sucks but it’s all about looking how far you’ve come and far you’re going to fly.

This is your time.

Your year and I am so damn proud of us all.

I didn’t believe any of these words when my friends were relaying these to me over the past two years, that I can achieve anything and do anything, that I deserve happiness and deserve everything, and that I CAN DO THIS, but you know what? Something has just clicked and fallen into place and I feel so different…. Is this me? Is this Lorna? Wow.

…. Can you tell I’m pretty damn chipper right now?.. I just haven’t felt like this in such a long time.

Hello Lorna 💖 where have you been.

Booking a Srprs Holiday!

Have you ever needed a holiday but have no idea where to go? Are you the type of person that is OCD about every little detail when you go somewhere, from what you do on every single day to every hour, and you want to loosen the reins a little? Well, did you know you can book a surprise holiday and leave EVERYTHING in the hands of someone else. Yes, everything! Crazy right?

srprs me

Srprs.Me are a holiday agent that take on booking your hotel, accommodation and any extras you would like, either inside Europe or Worldwide, and all you give them are the dates. Europe trips are a minimum of three days and up to 5 days, whereas Worldwide trips are 7 days, or a little more for extra travel time on your say so.

It’s an amazing opportunity to travel somewhere you’ve never been before without being able to Google the hell out of the trip 12 months in advanced and really just enjoy the experience, the location, and everything it has to offer.


What happens when you book a surprise holiday then?

Basically, you’ve got the dates, and everything is now out of your hands. You can even exclude places you’ve already been to minimise the chances of going somewhere you’ve already been or point blank don’t want to go. You will get a designated tracking holiday page that counts down to your holiday and people you know can sign up for updates so they know where you’re going on the big reveal.

A week before your holiday you are given ONLY the weather. That’s it. That’s all you have to go by so at least you can pack adequately for your trip.

You get some post before your trip which has an envelope with all your documents in – yes at this point you could open it and ruin the surprise but, you’ve waited this long, you may as well wait until when you’re at the airport and your countdown reaches ZERO! That’s when you are able to reveal your destination when you’re at the airport and ready to go. AMAZING! You have an app that will reveal it all to you and VOILA, GO FIND THAT BOARDING GATE! YOU ARE OFF ON HOLIDAY!


I’d never heard of anything like this before until a friend of mine, Melissa, went on a Europe break ON HER OWN and told me how amazing it was. The fear of being in the middle of nowhere, grotty hotel and in the need of being sent home on the first flight back to the UK was washed away when she ended up in Portugal, in the most picturesque city, a 5* hotel, which upon researching would have cost the full price she had paid just for one-night stay. She explored the city, saw amazing sights, enjoyed the city and her own company and I just found that completely fascinating and exciting and I knew at that point I needed to go with her on her next trip.

So we booked, but we took the plunge and went all out for a WORLDWIDE TRIP! We booked almost a year in advance, so we had enough time to save (still hasn’t made a difference as I’m awful at saving), and we are now on our final countdown of 71 days (as of 3rd January) with our holiday started 16th March 2019. Very excited.

You can follow our trip here: https://srprs.me/uk/trip/melissa-lorna-are-going-on-holiday-on-16-March 

Melissa has a sweepstake at work where people have been guessing where we could go. We currently have:

  • Dubaii
  • North America
  • Singapore – Melissa’s guess
  • Madagascar
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Mexico – my guess

Where do you think we’ll go? Put in the comments below.

The reason why I chose Mexico is because around the same time we booked this holiday is when I’d just cancelled a holiday to Mexico with my ex as we were breaking up. There was going to be swimming with turtles and all you can eat and I was gutted about cancelling, so we joked we’d be in the same hotel and in the same place. The joke has clearly stuck.

Melissa thinks we’re off to Singapore as an idol of ours, Carrie Hope Fletcher, went here for a theatre show tour of The Addams Family and since seeing all the amazing things her and the cast did out there, we want to go so it’s a MUST, even if we don’t get sent there.

SO! I will be vlogging the trip before/during and after and will post it on here after we’ve been and some pictures whilst I’m out there. It’s going to be amazing. We want to be able to do crazy things you’d never be able to do or see anywhere else. Get the pictures you see on Instagram that don’t look real, the experiences you dream about like feeding elephants, seeing the most amazing views. I’m really excited, can you tell?

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Thanks for reading x

Learning from the people you love

A close friend of mine said something to me the other day.

‘I learn something new every day from my husband’, and it resonated with me.

I love finding out new things about people, not just anyone, but people I have a real connection with – people I can get along with like wildfire. It burns something bright inside me and I want to learn more about them. I want to help and support them and be there for them, but also love having them there for my journey too. Friend or love etc.

It made me think about the person and I am and the person I want to be with and the people I want around me.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

My life is taking a bit of a turn with getting a house on my own, newly single and looking to find myself and the right person.

My journalistic nature dictates I ask too many questions too soon and need answers to things pretty quickly, and I love connecting certain things to situations and I remember things about people they didn’t think I’d remembered or taken note of.

Hearing you talk about things you’re interested in and passionate about, you explaining things I have no idea about and the things you do and enjoy – it’s amazing. It’s all the new things I find out and learn from you that I know would make the relationship stronger – even if I have no idea what you’re on about.

I’m like that in a relationship. I’ll remember the things you say and hang on every word.

I’ll do my best to be anything you need and want to be and anything you need. I’ll not change being me, but I’ll love having you in my life and being there with my friends and my future plans. We’ll do fun things, lazy things, crazy things and I’ll make you laugh and smile.

I’m passionate about things in my life and I’m the same in a relationship – I’ll think of you and the little things you do and say; your likes and dislikes and I’ll use it all to make you happy. It makes me happy knowing you’re happy.

I’m like that with my friends too. I’ll be there for them day and night, support them and help them any way I can. I love knowing they’re happy and okay and, if they’re not, I’d do anything for them.

I love trying and doing new things. I’ll come up with ideas and come up with spontaneous things for us to do, plan things in the future but cherish the moments we have right now. It won’t matter what we do unless you’re with me.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog, outdoor and nature

I love to be loved and appreciated as I give all I’ve got and see no one else. When it’s you, nothing else matters. And when it’s both sided it’s the most amazing thing in the world. That’s the type of person I want to be with and enjoy.

I’m still learning to be the best person I can be and to accept myself. This will be a lot easier as time goes on.

Hopefully someone and my amazing friends will be able to enjoy my new adventure with me too.

Christmas getaway!

Being single at any time of the year can be difficult, but Christmas I think can be the hardest as everyone is posting pictures of their families and their cute status’ about love and children, people get engaged or announce they’re having a baby, everyone’s all loved up with PDA everywhere and you’re sat there with your bottle of wine watching The Holiday for the 20th time wishing you had a Mr Napkin Head…. I’m not going to lie, that’s me right now.

So, what do you do when it’s the Christmas holidays and you are suddenly a 1 not a two anymore, you have all the family feeling sorry for you and inviting you over for Christmas dinner and you’re looking through your Facebook memories of when you and your ex were together thinking you’re forever going to be alone… YOU GO AWAY WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND, THAT’S WHAT!

When you see a great deal come up on social media to go away from Christmas Eve to boxing day it’s almost a no brainer. Of course we’re going to go!! So we do!! We say yes only a few days before our departure, we pack our bags, buy too many snacks for two people over two days and our PJ’s and Christmas films and head away to a camp site in the Lincolnshire Wolds called Tattershall Lakes.

I’ve never been away for Christmas and it’s definitely not feeling Christmassy, but Steph and I brought our Christmas presents and lots of films and are armed ready to have the best Christmas away. It’s going to be nice just getting away from our little homes and see this special day, which I’ve recently grown to resent (is it my age?), with a special friend.

Has anyone else this year not grown to be as excited as they usually are? I’ve quickly become the person who thinks Christmas is a complete waste of money, that everyone should forget about getting me gifts and just enjoy family time and who is around the Christmas tree. Yeah I sound old. But it’s true, when you were a child it was all about the gifts and when you’re older and realise how much debt people get in and how emotional people get about not being able to afford things and how much they spend, it makes you really see that it shouldn’t be about that and that if I want to buy something I just get it through the year with my paycheck? Is that just me? Do I sound crazy?

But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the Christmas lights and Christmas cheer, the music, the fun and the magic. Isn’t it amazing how it lights up something so magical in kids eyes, the awe of Santa and reindeers and all the film’s made about this time of year. It’s pretty beautiful and I cannot wait till next year when I can spend it in my own home.

I hope you all have the most amazing magical Christmas, whether it’s with a loved one or not, family and friends and more. You all deserve to smile today and every day and remember, it’s not whats under the Christmas tree, it’s who’s around it 💖🎄☃️

I’m going to be spending it with Steph and her little dog noodles, eating snacks and watching Christmas films in our onesies. Lots of love

Merry Christmas everyone 💖

My greatest strength

I’m going through a journey of self-discovery and this is my next blog as I look at my greatest strength, but something that can also be my biggest downfall.

What is your greatest strength? Describe a time this strength served you well.

My greatest strength has to be being able to help people, give advice and be almost like a councillor to people. I am the person who would forever drop everything for any of my close friends and family if they needed me.

I’m caring, loving, been through a lot to provide advice and I sometimes know what to say to people when they’re going through a rough time. I do take on people’s problems at my own peril, however I love knowing I’ve helped them even if it’s just giving them another perspective or showing them they can do better than an ex partner or advising on situations they’re going through.

I guess my greatest strength, as mentioned a little above, is also my greatest downfall. I take on everyone’s issues and everyone’s problems and sometimes if I don’t take a little time for myself during helping someone repeatedly, I can wear myself down. I have learned when to take a step back from things and it’s important that you do the same.

Whether that’s looking after someone with a mental health issue, relationship or friendship problems, money troubles and more, it’s vital that you look after yourself through the process, making sure you take time out for yourself and not to take it on as your issue so it ruins your day.

I do this by taking a walk, watching a film I love, taking a relaxing bath or just engrossing myself into a game I love too. This will be different for everyone but it’s important you find something that works for you.

Be kind, be there for people, be brave, and be strong.

My favourite physical characteristic

I’m starting 2019 as a journey to self-discovery. I am using prompts to find myself and my true happiness. This is my first prompt:

What is your favourite physical characteristic (face or body)? Describe a time you felt proud of that feature.

My body image is screwed to the hells and I hate how I look, so I don’t really have a favourite physical characteristic of my face or body. I love how skinny my collar bones are when I’ve lost weight, my hip bones, or even small ab lines when I haven’t eaten a lot, but that’s not the greatest thing to say.

This is the point where I should probably try and find a physical characteristic of my body that I like, so I will say my smile. Even though I actually hate my smile. My teeth are like the brightest things in the world that my friends used to joke they glowed in the dark… I don’t actually think they were joking, because they do.

But I also love it when I’m happy and I smile properly. When I’m with my friends and family and see my favourite band and things are amazing and I can really smile, not the fake smile yknow?

Everyone comments about how much they like my smile too and how nice it is. It’s either my smile or my teeth that people comment on haha it’s always an odd one. I do like to cover them when people say this as compliments make me all gushy and embarrassed.

So that’s it – my smile.

You can see a world of emotions just in one smile, and I love that.


What’s your favourite physical characteristic? (body or face) Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear all about it ❤ 

Journey to self-discovery

Hello, my name is Lorna and this is my first blog post on this blog.

With it being the New Year very soon I want to start blogging and vlogging a lot more and with prompts and plenty of ideas, this is how it will start.

My life has been a bit of a whirlwind recently and I’m going to take 2019 to learn about myself and discover myself. So, I’ve found some prompts and ideas on Pinterest and online and going to run with these and show you where I am throughout. It should be fun. The first few will be a bit clunky, but hopefully they will flow more as we go along and I will connect more with things.

I hope you enjoy the blogs as much as I hope to enjoy writing them. This will also be tailored to include things that happen in my life and also anything else I find.

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